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our successful formula


On every search, you get the time, focus, and experience of an industry-experienced recruiting professional, backed by our entire team.  We dedicate more resources and more energy to fewer searches, giving rise to singular focus and a successful outcome.  For every search, we commit to a four-phase recruitment formula which produces results:

Candidate Research

To find the perfect candidates for you, we start with thorough research. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your company, including your products and services, your competitors, your challenges, your goals, and the specific requirements of the position you need to fill. By gaining this deep understanding, we can conduct thorough candidate research, identifying individuals who precisely match your requirements..


Precise Talent Mapping

Applying what we learned in our Research phase with our Precision Mapping formula, we produce a field of prospective candidates which we then engage and qualify through a series of phone, video, or face-to-face in-depth conversations. 

Follow-on new candidate generation continues throughout the entire recruiting lifecycle to ensure there are plenty of great candidates to select from.


Pipeline Development

In parallel with our Precision Mapping phase, we immediately engage known candidate prospects to facilitate a fast start. All qualified active, passive, and non-job seekers are engaged. 

​Throughout the recruiting lifecycle, the candidate pipeline is fine-tuned and enriched until a placement is made.


Assessment and Successful Placement

Our recruiters are in frequent communication with you throughout the entire process by first and most importantly supplying best-in-class candidates, getting you the ungettable candidates, setting up interviews, top grading the candidate pool, multipoint reference checking, offer negotiations, successful placement, and post-placement follow up.

Let's Build Your Team!

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