our successful formula

We recruit nationwide for high-growth companies in industries such as biotechnology, life science, diagnostic, medical device, and technology.  Our people-smart recruiters come with applied laboratory experience, biotech sales & marketing experience, scientific degrees, and valuable life experience.

Precision Mapping

Spot-on candidates stem from knowing our Client and precisely mapping their specific needs.


Gaining a deep understanding of our Client provides an essential foundation, and from there we map, research, source and build a solid pipeline of prospective candidates.

Based on our precision mapping exercise, we then target industry segments and identify relevant executives as prospective candidates or sources.


Iterative, follow-on research continues throughout the recruiting lifecycle, and the pipeline is fine-tuned until a placement is made.


Pipeline Development

In parallel to our Research phase, we immediately contact known candidate prospects to facilitate a

fast start.


Advanced research enhances new candidate development.


Active job seekers are examined and quantified in parallel to passive job seekers, where we gain their acute interest, examine and quantify. 

Our Partners interview all candidates who pass a successful phone screen and prepare Candidate Reports for Client review.


Candidate Reports provide a comprehensive background on career history and include compensation information and candid, written assessments.


Raindance Partners conducts formal reference checks on candidates, and consults with and assists the Client in offer negotiations.

Assessment and Closure

Integrated with our successful formula is our proven process for finding and submitting the right candidates to you.  It starts with planning and research followed by candidate generation and selection finalizing with completion of the search.  However, it does not stop there.  After you have chosen the top candidate, we continue to engage with the candidate through the hire date to ensure all of their questions and concerns are addressed. 

how we bring you top candidates

On every search you get the time, focus, and experience of an industry experienced recruiting professional, backed by our entire team.  We dedicate more resources and more energy to fewer searches, giving rise to singular focus, optimal performance, and a successful outcome.  For every placement (learn more), we commit to a four phase recruitment process, which typically runs the course of three to four weeks.

planning and research

  • Interview the hiring manager and stakeholders

  • Develop search strategy

  • Research and develop target candidate list

  • Develop position and company pitch

  • Start candidate calls and emails

  • Candidate screening calls and interviews

candidate generation

  • identify and submit candidates for client review

  • more candidate screening calls & interviews

  • identify and submit more candidates for client review

  • client feedback & candidate calibration

  • schedule client phone interviews with candidates

candidate selection

  • begin on-site interviews

  • second round interviews (if, needed)

  • client feedback

  • if ready, identify finalists


  • identify finalists

  • formal reference checking

  • offer and negotiations

  • candidate follow up post placement

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction.  Once your candidate is hired, we continue to provide support.  If, for any reason, your new hire resigns within the first 90 days, we will help identify another candidate for you.  Are you ready to start on-boarding top talent?  Connect with us to get your personalized search started now.  

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